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PDF - Social League Schedule




On behalf of the Queenstown Ice Hockey Club (QIHC), Sarah Atkinson will be running the 2021 Queenstown Social League.

The Queenstown Social League 2021 is made up of 10 teams.

The scheduled league start date is 11thApril and will run until 10th October (whole league bye week 19th September due to NZIHL booking).

Each team will play each other twice (round robin), followed by play offs.

Two teams each week will have a bye week.

Game times remain as per previous years - 5.15pm, 6.30pm, 7.45pm, 9pm.


Fees are $6400 per team. This can be paid in two installments if it helps with your players finances. The first installment of $3200 is due by 25th April. The second installment of $3200 is due by 20th June. Team captains are responsible to ensure the full amount has been paid by the 20th June please. If you are struggling to make payment please let us know as soon as possible.

Bank Account Details: QIHC 03-0675-0330016-00. Please use your team name and Social League Fee as reference.

This year team fees include QIHC Social League membership fees. If any players are playing senior hockey (SNC) this will need to be topped up.


Each player will need to be registered as a QIHC Social League member.

We also require each players’ name and jersey number - if you do not have jersey numbers, screen print some on or use duct tape – each jersey must have a number please!

You will need to include goal limits per player based on ability (1 goal QHL players or players of that ability, 2 goals Jurassic, 3 goals social. Captains will collectively vet team lists).

Captains, please be mindful and fair when drafting your teams – remember it is a social league – it is designed to be competitive but fun!

We will be running a Google Document stats sheet throughout the season, recording: goals, assists, and penalty minutes.

If a team is struggling to fill a roster, please contact Sarah. We will be running a list of players who are looking to join a team.


If team jersey colours clash, each team will alternate reversing their jerseys for the game against the matching team. If the team meets in the play offs, the highest ranked team will play in their non-reversed colour.

LEAGUE RULES - After our team captains meeting, we came to an agreement collectively with the team captains as to how the league would look for this year.

No NZIHL players or goaltenders (this may be determined on an individual basis with the agreement of all captains)

3 goals maximum per game for social players, unlimited assists.

2 goals maximum for Jurassic players, unlimited assists.

1 goal maximum for QHL players or players of that ability, unlimited assists.

Please use your own integrity when it comes to goal scoring, if you’ve scored your limit of goals, be honest.

Queenstown Social League is for adults only, sorry no U18 (with the exception of youth goaltenders).

Ring-ins are only allowed if your team is short (under 10 plus goalie). Must be agreed by opposition teams’ captain before the game and sign off with the score box before puck drop. 1 goal limit for ring-ins.

Players may only register for one team - this is to maximise available spaces for interested players and beginners. Only goalies are eligible to play for more than one team throughout the season. To be eligible for the play offs, a player must have played at least 50% of games throughout the season (exceptions can be made due to player injuries). No ring-ins for play offs.

No slap shots above the waist.

Absolutely NO FIGHTING. If a player gets ejected from the game for serious misconduct e.g. fighting or dangerous play, he or she will earn a suspension. They may be stood down for a number of games depending on the result of an investigation into the incident. Social disputes manager = Braden Lee (QIHC Vice President).


Any change requests need to be emailed stating the reason for the change request. We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests.


The league is in need of more referees. This is a paid position ($20-$25 per game). It would be great if every team had at least one team member who could ref games. It’s a good way to get on the ice on your bye weeks, and help pay off the cost of your league fees. If you are interested in refereeing please email/message Sarah


First port of call for any concerns and/or complaints is your team Captain.

Captains can then contact Sarah or Braden with any issues or disputes. Sarah can be reached via Facebook Messenger or by email:, Braden

Our aim is to create a league with a focus on fun, social hockey with a pathway for beginners and social players to play in a safe and fun environment whilst keeping a competitive edge.

Give beginners more time with the puck.

Respect the referees.

Keep sticks on the ice.

It’s a social league, if possible stay for a beer and support the other teams.

If everyone follows the strict rule of “DON’T BE A DICK” we will have the best social season to date.


Contact us directly for more information :