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Junior Stampede

U14 and U17 Junior Stampede teams are based in Queenstown made up of the best players from Queenstown and other Southern Clubs competing againist the best from Dunedin, Canterbury and Auckland

2017 U14 Junior Stampede Games

Finals held in Queenstown

05th Oct @ 9.15am vs Thunder

06th Oct @ 9.15am vs Canterbury

08th Oct @ 5.15pm vs Auckland

09th Oct - Medal Games


2017 U17 Junior Stampede Games


26th August @ tba vs Dunedin (HOME)

27th August  @ 11am vs Dunedin (HOME)

09th Sep @ 4.45pm vs Auckland (AWAY)

10th Sep @ 7.15am vs Auckland (AWAY)

16th Sep @ 4.30pm vs Canterbury (AWAY)

17th Sep @ 11am vs Canterbury (AWAY)

Finals in Dunedin

28th Sep @ 10am vs Dunedin

29th Sep @ 4.30pm vs Canterbury

30th Sep @ 9am vs Auckland

01st Oct @ 4.30pm vs Canterbury

02nd Oct - Medal Games