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Alert Level 2 Rule Change Reminder -

From 11:59pm on Tuesday (tonight) 21 September, the indoor gathering limits will increase to 100 people in Alert Level 2 areas




AGM Minutes - 23rd November 2020





Delta 2 Protocols for entering the Queenstown Ice Arena


  1. Everyone enters from the main front doors as usual, after the booking organizer has cleared you to do so (when the previous group on ice has exited through the portacom exit door).  


  1. After the ice session, everyone will exit directly off the ice up the stairs and into the rear portacoms #2 and #3 (where they can remove skates) and ultimately leave the premises through the rear fire exit doors up the stairs.


  1. Masks should be worn before players enter the ice surface and put back on as soon as possible after they have left the ice surface.  Children under 12 are not required to wear masks.


  1. We will need the first on-ice group out of the main building before we can let the second on-ice group into the building, which is why entry and exits on/off the ice need to be as quick as possible to keep us under the 50 person indoor rule at all times.

It will be important to not have your players arrive too early, as they will not be permitted into the building until those already on the ice have exited directly into the portacoms.   


  1. Timing will be critical to remain on schedule, so all players should have dressed before arriving at the rink.

Helmet on, gloves on, stick in one hand, skates in the other.

Players should only need to put their skates on when entering the rink.

If a player has plastic skate guards, they could even put skates on the outside to save additional time.  


  1. No bags are to be brought in as much as possible to enable quick movement in/out of the building.

Any bags brought in should be left on the far section of the bleachers (before getting on the ice) so they can be grabbed quickly when exiting directly after their ice session into outside portacoms #2 and #3.


  1. Spectators are not allowed, only on-ice participants, as we are only allowed 50 persons in the building.  


  1. Changing room #1 will be locked while under Delta level 2, so that exits out of the building to portacoms #2 and #3 are as quick as possible.      


  1. Everyone must sign in. We will have QR code signs and manual sign-in sheets at different areas around the rink, so you don’t need to scan in at the entry doors when hands are full of gear, but you must scan in/sign in at some point during your stay at the ice arena, this is for their own personal tracking records as well as ours.


  1. In addition, we will require attendance lists from all organizers of any booked ice session, so that nobody is missed (especially children who do not have phones to scan in and could forget to sign in).

These lists should be emailed to: and to  immediately after your ice booking.

Failure to do so could result in you not being allowed to book any further ice until your attendance list has been provided.


  1. Goalies could be allowed to enter before players, as they do require a bit more time to get dressed (there are generally only two goalies per session so they shouldn’t put us over the 50 person limit). However, goalies should first get permission from the organizer monitoring the front door that they are ok to enter early and that this will not result in the 50 person limit being exceeded.

Goalies (and players) should get changed on the far section of the stands so that any belongings can be quickly picked up after their ice session is over whilst exiting up the stairs and into the portacoms.




  • Players must abide by protocols

  • Confirm your intention to be at practice promptly.

  • Make sure you have downloaded COVID tracing app and use it whenever requested. 

  • Sign in to QIA site is mandatory

  • We would expect at this point everyone 12+ to be wearing masks when not on the ice. So masks could be taken off in the skate fitting/changing area directly before their ice session and put back on before leaving the changing room/area directly after their ice session.

  • Do not park on the grass.




Welcome to Queenstown Ice Hockey Club


Welcome to the Queenstown Ice Hockey club website. Latest news for the club is below.



Upcoming detour - as of 5th August 




Yay!! Another term of Ice Hockey is here!!


Monday - 5pm 6pm - U12 training


Tuesday 4pm - 5pm U12 training

5.15pm -6.15pm U15/U18 training

6.30pm -7.15pm - Social training


Thursday - 5.15pm- 6.15pm U12 Super league

6.30pm - 7.30pm U15/U18 training





Hi Everyone,


What a great weekend!


I was in Dunedin for the first round of the SIHL U15 and U18 hockey.  Lots of great results all round.  It is really gratifying to see so many kids from our club on the ice to mark the beginning of the season.  


I would like to especially thank the club captains who have committed their time and energy to our teams - Jimmy, Sandra, Hayley and Kerrin - Thank You!  I would also like to thank Julia and Hayley for sorting all of the jerseys and socks...of which I have heard are in the washing machine right now.  Another shout out and a thank you to those that helped on the benches over the weekend.


Please note going forward, any players (or parent's of) wishing to be considered to play up or down from their age group must consult in the first instance with their age group club captain, who would then discuss the matter with the other respective age group club captain, and their collective decision is final.  As it is, our numbers are looking good at each age group, so it is unlikely that there will be a necessity for movement amongst age groups.  


Once again, what a great weekend for our junior club.  Congratulations to all.


Tania Pimm

Club President


Further to the situation with players playing out of their age group, the issue has been raised with the Southern Ice Hockey League for clarification.  Response follows:


Any player playing in an age group either above or below must attain a dispensation from SIHL prior to playing and this must include parental consent. The dispensation must be endorsed by the club, and then sent to SIHL.  The dispensation then needs to be approved by SIHL on the grounds that the player is required due to numbers, and also that they are of an ability and level to play in that age group.  


In previous years, players have been provided dispensation to play up as numbers were insufficient.  However as a guide for the 2021 season, the U18 age group has sufficient numbers and the necessity to draw on younger players to play up will not be required, should any dispensation be received.


With regard to players playing down for the 2021 season, it is within the interest of SIHL to facilitate for those that do not have the prospect of hockey and will always view this in the context of not wanting to lose anyone from the sport.


Any further communication regarding this will be back to SIHL committee. 


We look forward to seeing everyone at the next round at the Queenstown Ice Arena in June.


Kind Regards,

Tania Pimm

Club President


Junior Thunder Trial U15
Dunedin Ice Rink 9.15am Sunday 30th May.
On ice 10 - 11am, meet at 9.15 to register and warm up.
Trial will run through to midday.
Questions call / Txt / email
Jaime Linton - 0275982739


SOCIAL REGISTRATION - For those in a team. If you want to register for Tuesday Training only please use the registration button to the left. 


Please see links below for great information


Mastering the art of sports parenting 




2021 Schedule U12, U9, LTP

Regular Season: Terms 2-3 (May 3-Jul 8 and Jul 26-Sep 30)

Mondays 5pm – 6pm: Practice

Tuesday 4pm – 5 pm: Practice

Thursdays 5.15-6.15p: Super League Game


Tuesday  5.15pm-6.15pm

Thursday 6.30pm-7.30pm


Senior Social League 

Sunday nights 

5.15pm - 10.00pm